How IoT is revolutionising how we will light the world

Posted by Winona Hsiang-Ya Chou on 24-Mar-2017 16:20:00

Sally Keys reacted recently to a post by us from late 2015 called "What are IoT design patterns". It reminded her of an article she published about a month ago. Here is her story we (and she) want to share with you.

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Bringing narrow band IoT within reach of everyone

Posted by Winona Hsiang-Ya Chou on 27-Feb-2017 10:00:00
Sodaq partners with AllThingsTalk to launch the first NB-IoT shield for Arduino, supported by T-Mobile in The Netherlands.

Hilversum - Gent, 24 February 2017. Today Sodaq launches in collaboration with AllThingsTalk and T-Mobile in The Netherlands, the kickstarter campaign for their first NB-IoT Shield for Arduino.

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AllThingsTalk, a key partner of Things Connected to drive business adoption of IoT across London

Posted by Winona Hsiang-Ya Chou on 24-Jan-2017 10:00:00

The Digital Catapult programme to empower digital startups and SME’s across London to embrace the opportunities of the Internet of Things, called Things Connected, is live. This infrastructure is a free to use LoRaWAN™ based network which, with 50 base stations, will be the largest LoRaWAN ™ based network in the UK.

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