Connecting XinaBox XK05 to AllThingsTalk Maker in 3 easy steps

Posted by Winona Hsiang-Ya Chou on 13-Dec-2019 11:53:59

We have partnered with XinaBox and micro:bit to bring simplicity to IoT.  The XK05 IoT kit from XinaBox for micro:bit has been designed to help get first time users onto the AllThingsTalk Maker with 3 easy steps.

AllThingsTalk Xinabox


There are 3 stages to getting your micro:bit connected:

  1. CONSTRUCT: Using the XinaBox XK05 and your micro:bit you can construct an IoT 'edge device' in minutes or even seconds.
  2. CODE: Use MakeCode to write code to connect to the ALSO AllThingsTalk platform. The code, and the access details you need, are provided during the curated journey.
  3. CONFIGURE: We have removed as much of the complexity from the process as possible and built a system tailored to help first time IoT users get their micro:bit online with ALSO AllThingsTalk platform.

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In total there are 3 screens in the curated journey:

On the first page you need to enter a name and  email address, which is necessary to uniquely identify the IoT dashboard that is created for you.

Your privacy will be respected in line with GDPR requirements, as explained on the page. You are not registering for anything at this point - its like putting your coat down on a chair in a busy room: it reserves access to your portal for 6 months.


When you clicked Go on the last screen an IoT platform was created and setup specifically for you and your XK05.

This page shows you key details that you will need in MakeCode.

At this point write your MakeCode program following the on-screen instructions and flash it to your micro:bit. You will then power up the XK05 as instructed and leave it to run.

The third and final page shows your IoT platform, or dashboard.

If everything is working properly data will be transmitting from your micro:bit and you should see charts on the dashboard updating when you move the micro:bit or click on the buttons.

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