ALSO Develops New Virtual Event Format: SPOTLIGHT on New Platforms

Posted by Winona Hsiang-Ya Chou on 14-Sep-2020 10:00:00

The ALSO Group will hold its third virtual fair of the year during October 2020. The exact date for each of the participating 21 countries will be announced on the local website and invitations. The focus of this SPOTLIGHT, as the event is called, will be on cloud and new digital platforms. From the ALSO Cloud Marketplace with its multitude of functionalities and its variety of software apps to IoT products ready for resellers to get into this latest technology, from hybrid cloud solutions to streaming, gaming and cybersecurity - ALSO SPOTLIGHT offers information on every topic future-oriented customers will be interested in.

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Schnell IoT-Prototypen erstellen mit den ALSO IoT Rapid Development Kits

Posted by Winona Hsiang-Ya Chou on 09-Jul-2020 12:00:00

Soest, den 09. Juli 2020 - ALSO macht mit dem IoT-Plattform- und -Lösungsangebot von AllThingsTalk die Vermarktung von IoT für Fachhandelspartner besonders einfach. Jetzt erweitert ALSO ihr Portfolio um die neuen Rapid Development Kits (RDK) für die unkomplizierte und schnelle Erstellung von IoT-Prototypen.

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ALSO IoT Platform - zaproszenie na szkolenie

Posted by Winona Hsiang-Ya Chou on 19-Jun-2020 10:00:00
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