Dolly+: making logistics safer with the help of IoT

Posted by Winona Hsiang-Ya Chou on 22-Oct-2020 16:24:59

Thefts in the logistics sector have reached a sad record. The 2019 Annual Report of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) shows that in 2019, the number increased by 114% in the EMEA region alone. Dolly+, ALSO's Smart & Secure Trolley, offers a clever, IoT-based solution to this problem and creates transparency by digitally capturing the entire process.


Within the dimensions of a common logistics trolley, Dolly+ offers theft protection before and during transport. Thanks to GPS-based tracking, customers always know exactly where valuable goods are located. Furthermore, they can also control access and removal. On top of that, Dolly+ offers mobile and secure storage at the recipient's premises. ALSO offers this solution in an "as-a-service" business model, initially for manufacturers and resellers in the ICT industry and their customers.


The user-friendly and interactive Smart & Secure application, based on the ALSO IoT platform, can be used to monitor and control the intelligent trolleys. Trolley data such as location, battery status of the sensor, number of available trolleys in the fleet, arrival at the destination, etc. are continuously collected and displayed in a dashboard, which was specifically designed for the purpose. This data not only enables full control of the logistics process, but also forms the basis for the analysis and optimization of these processes.


The respective location of the trolley can be tracked in real time using the built-in location tracker and access rights can be managed electronically. The risk of theft during transport is drastically reduced – and as a result, transport insurance costs are lowered. Thanks to the electronic lock, physical keys have been replaced by PIN codes. Codes can be sent by e-mail or SMS. This prevents unauthorized persons from opening the lock and prevents goods from being removed if they are delivered to the wrong place.


Simone Blome-Schwitzki, SVP Solutions: "A mature IoT solution is an ecosystem of hardware and software, connectivity and security, management and support. As a technology provider, ALSO is in an excellent position to put together convincing and complete bundles from the multitude of necessary elements for a wide range of applications. In the last three months, we have developed four offers for the logistics sector alone. This enables us to offer our partners concrete IoT products and scale quickly together with them."


Possible applications of Dolly+ are almost unlimited: from the theft-protected delivery of valuable electronic equipment for stores and corporate customers, to the secure storage of notebooks in companies and schools, or the packaging-free return of laptops with confidential data for certified data deletion. ITC partners who wish to expand their service portfolio or benefit from the delivery of the Smart & Secure Trolley themselves are asked to contact


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