ALSO launches Marketplace Platform for Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Winona Hsiang-Ya Chou on 22-Sep-2020 09:19:37

Based on the technology of ALSO’s Cloud Marketplace, the company is launching a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketplace Platform as the latest component of its ecosystem. It will bring together technologies, products and services from leading AI vendors with ALSO’s network of experts, including solution architects, data scientists, and AI developers. Offers range from building blocks to fully managed services.


Experts agree: AI offers impressive opportunities for society and businesses alike. Some European governments partnered with AI start-ups to monitor the outcomes of social distancing rules. Hospitals across Europe are using AI to speed up COVID-19 diagnosis and testing, provide automated remote consultations, and optimize capacity at hospitals.

AI use cases include sales process recommendation and automation, digital assistance for knowledge worker, and cybersecurity threat intelligence. Some of the fastest growing use cases are automated human resources, IT automation and pharmaceutical research and discovery. The combination with applications like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be a game changer for manufacturing or administration, when it comes to repetitive, time-consuming or error-prone tasks. Experts predict the total addressable market for AI to more than double in the next four years, growing from 156.5 billion USD to more than 300 billion USD in 2024.


ALSO has been applying Artificial Intelligence and RPA in its own organization and processes very successfully since 2017. Solutions are used to both identify process improvements and accelerate process execution by AI-enhanced Process Mining and Process Excellence Software. These digital enhancements support the company in servicing vendors, resellers and other business partners on a daily basis.


The ALSO Group has appointed Peter Ivanov Head of Artificial Intelligence. Bulgarian Ivanov joined ALSO in 2019. He has strong track record of nearly 30 years in the IT industry and is passionate about building new solutions with the latest technologies for the channel.


ALSO is setting up a specific AI Partner Program for system houses and resellers. This way, the company wants to ensure that channel partners will get all the support they need to start monetizing AI opportunities and successfully deliver their first AI adoption projects.


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Beate Flamm

Senior Vice President Communication


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