Introducing new Rapid Development Kits

Posted by Winona Hsiang-Ya Chou on 27-May-2020 09:35:30


Introducing IoT Rapid Development Kits to build a project in 30 minutes


Everything you need to develop and prototype an IoT project

The Rapid Development Kits include everything you need to prototype using an IoT network. It includes a powerful Arduino computer, a radio module and plug n' play sensors. 

  • All necessary components to build your first IoT Projects.
  • Support for LoRaWAN™, LTE-M & NB-IoT networks
  • Access to AllThingsTalk Maker, the accessible IoT Platform for rapid development which allows you to connect your things and your apps in hours not days.


Plug and Play IoT Rapid Development Kits come with easy, simply onboarding and new packaging for a better customer experience


Reference designs

You can build an IoT experiment in 30 minutes with our QuickStart Guide and Reference Designs. We've built 3 Reference Designs for you to discover the power of IoT and have your first experiment running in 30 minutes and explore the LPWA Network of your choice.

Automation made easy

Next you can add automation rules using our drag and drop rule designer to let your devices interoperate with other devices and applications. You will be able to mix and match different components to create rules that fit your use case. 

Docs & Support

Simply connect your hardware to the LoRaWAN™ Network Provider of your choice, collect and visualise the data sourced from the sensors with AllThingsTalk Maker, the accessible IoT Platform for rapid development.

Check out the documentation at Learning Center to discover the versatility of the Maker Platform and sign up at AllThingsTalk Maker.


LoRaWAN Rapid Development Kit


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LTE-M Rapid Development Kit


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NB-IoT Rapid Development Kit


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