Introducing IoT Digital Reference Designs

Posted by Winona Hsiang-Ya Chou on 26-May-2020 08:00:00


We've built 3 Reference Designs to work with the LoRaWAN Rapid Development Kit for you to discover the power of IoT and have your first experiment running in 30 minutes.

The Reference Designs have been re-designed in a digital format to be paperless so that there is no printing to be more environmentally friendly and no physical touch to ensure safety during COVID-19 time!

Count visits

Shop, restaurant and facility management can be improved. Build a project to count visits and optimise cleaning based on real-time usage during COVID-19 time to ensure safety and sanitation for your customers!  This experiment shows how a LoRa sensor can count visits to optimise cleaning based on usage rather than rigid schedules. 


Guard your stuff

Do you want to get notified when someone moves things that are precious to you? This experiment shows how a LoRa device can be used to detect unexpected movement of an object and send out notifications to its owner. Furthermore, the experiment shows how you can track the object using its GEO location.


Environmental sensing

This experiment shows how LoRa can be used to monitor the quality of the surrounding environment. Measure in- and outdoor air quality, noise levels and temperature as to provide stakeholders with a dashboard to support decision making to improve the quality of living.


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