Insights: Bringing Transparency to Your IoT Project!

Posted by Winona Hsiang-Ya Chou on 23-Aug-2019 10:00:00

IoT projects have a tendency to grow rapidly and include a large number of devices sending massive amounts of data to the cloud. To effectively manage such projects, it is important to have a clear understanding of the current status.

AllThingsTalk Spaces Insights: Bringing transparency to your IoT project

Our latest tool - Insights on AllThingsTalk Spaces is the perfect solution for managers to get a detailed understanding of the performance of their IoT projects.

Insights offers you:

  • Reports on messages received & data generated by your IoT project
  • Intelligence on the most active devices in your IoT Project

Once provisioned, at a click of a button you will have access to key indicators:

  • Messages received (daily & monthly)
  • Storage used (daily & monthly)
  • Most active devices (Top 10 for messages & storage consumed)

This information can be used for billing, capacity planning and also to identify any abnormal behaviour of your devices in your project!

Using Insights

1. Navigate to the Insights Ground on your AllThingsTalk Space: This ground will be automatically created once you sign up for Insights.

2. Inside your Spaces you will see 3 devices as shown in the image below. These are ‘Virtual Devices’ created automatically to measure the usage of your space as explained below:

  • Account Status: Measures the messages generated by all of your devices connected to the AllThingsTalk platform and the storage space used.
  • Most Active Devices: Identifies the Top 10 most active devices connected on the AllThingsTalk platform both in terms of messages sent & storage used.
  • Daily Expenditure: Measures the total messages sent in the previous day by all your devices connected to the AllThingsTalk platform.
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This information is also automatically populated on a Pinboard for you to easily visualise it. The pinboard can be accessed from the ‘Pinboards’ section & can also be edited as any normal pinboard to suit your requirements.


We sincerely hope Insights brings greater transparency to your IoT projects and helps you manage them more efficiently. We are keen for you to test it out and share feedback on what you would like to see in the next update!


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